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Buying Guide: Choosing Your Office Hardware

Buying Guide: Choosing Your Office Hardware

Laptops, desktop PCs, tablets: how to choose the right terminal for an office use?

Choosing a laptop or a desktop computer

Laptop or desktop?

  • A laptop for intensive mobile use (frequent business trips )
  • A desktop computer for more sedentary office use and especially involving print jobs.

Important: a desktop computer is often more scalable than a laptop. It is generally easier and cheaper to upgrade a desktop computer (RAM, hard drive, graphics card, processor, etc... )

Components and characteristics of a computer, the main criteria?


  • The overall performance of a PC will depend on its processor
  • Intel Core i3 and i5 processors are commonly used for entry level and mid-range computers and laptop. *They are powerful enough for a basic Office use.


  • Most computers today include 4GB of RAM, which is enough for a typical office use.

The hard drive

  • The storage space of the hard drive is a secondary criterion for choosing a desktop computer. A capacity of 500 GB is enough.

Choosing a tablet for office use

Windows 8 tablets

  • To use the Microsoft Office suite, it is necessary to choose a tablet running Windows 8 OS, which can be coupled to a physical keyboard.
  • The following models can run MS Office: ASUS VivoTab Smart, HP ENVY x2 and Microsoft Surface.

Hybrid devices

  • Among the popular hybrid devices (laptop - tablet): Dell XPS 12 and Asus Transformer Book T100T.

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