How to connect to the internet at home? Alternatives to Wi-Fi

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Your home network or Wifi is momentarily unusable, there are other alternatives to connect to the Internet!

Via a mobile device - Network tethering

Did you know that your mobile phone can act as a modem? An effective solution especially with advent the 4G connection (mobile broadband).
  • A device with the network tethering option.
  • A compatible internet data plan (depends on the mobile operator).

To enable network tethering:
  • On Android: Go to Wireless and network Connection Sharing. It is advisable to select the USB mode for sharing, to optimize the connection speed.
  • On the iPhone: Go to the "Settings > Internet Connection Sharing > Personal hotspot.
  • On Windows phone: Go to Settings > Internet Sharing.

3G USB modems

  • This is a small device that allows users to connect to the internet by using telephone operators' 3G networks. The 3G USB key requires a SIM card and a subscription from a telephone or mobile operator.
  • The 3G USB key is a plug & play (USB) device compatible with most operating systems.

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