Buying Guide: Choosing a PC for video, image or audio editing

April 2018

Video, photo or audio editing: before choosing a multimedia, you will need to pay a closer look at its components. What are the important technical criteria?
The PC must be able to:
  • Seamlessly manage (without interruption) your video, photo or audio editing tasks.
  • Display videos in high definition, launch programs quickly and to run multiple programs simultaneously without slowdown (multitasking).
  • Modern desktop PCs and laptops have sufficient resources to carry out these tasks.
  • Your choice will be based on the following criteria: the size of the screen, mobile or sedentary use and the ability to upgrade the hardware (CPU, RAM).
  • The price comes into consideration when choosing between a PC (Windows) and Mac. Apple models tend to be more expensive.
  • Choose a model corresponding to your real needs.
  • This is a key factor which determines the overall performance of the computer. It is best to opt for multi-core processors.
  • Intel Core i7 models have four physical cores are among the most popular processors available today.
  • A minimum of 8 GB of RAM is recommended to perform tasks like video, audio or photo editing.
  • For basic video processing (excluding 3D and CGI), the entry-level graphics cards are enough.
  • Opt for a PCs with SSD to store the operating system and programs (quicker launch).
  • It is best to install an additional hard drive (HDD) with a good storage capacity (minimum 1TB) to store your projects.

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