How to improve your gaming experience?

How to fully enjoy a video game on a computer or mobile device? What accessories can enhance your gaming experience and how to choose them? Here is a selection of accessories for gamers who want to maximize their experience.
Poor quality music or ambient sounds can ruin your gaming session. To remedy this, opt for headsets specially designed for video games.
The characteristics of a good gaming headset:
  • they are big enough to cover the ears.
  • good sound pressure level (in decibels) and impedance (resistance to external sounds).
  • compatible with several operating systems and type devices (PC, laptop, tablet).
  • comfortable enough to be used over several hours.

To simplify your gaming experience, e.g trigger actions or cast spells without having to switch to the keyboard, you can opt for a gaming mouse.
The design of this type of device is usually surprising, far from the traditional desktop mouse. Gaming mouse comes with 5 to 20 programmable buttons, depending on the model.
The characteristics of a good gaming mouse:
  • weight.
  • the technology (laser or optical).
  • connectivity ( wired or wireless).
  • sensitivity of the device (adjustable DPI settings).

A good keyboard will be a valuable asset for gamers spending hours on thier PC.
The characteristics of a good gaming keyboard:
  • Ergonomics
  • Back-lighted keys
  • Robustness
  • Hotkeys dedicated to gaming.
  • To enjoy your games on a smartphone or tablet, you will require a good headphones or earphones.
  • The criteria is are almost identical to the gaming headsets used on PC, except that they are smaller in size.
  • Ergonomics and comfort are two important points: the headphones should hold in the ear while you are moving and withstand external sounds.

An Internet connection is often required to enjoy games on smartphones and tablets. It is strongly recommended to use a Wi-Fi network or 4G network for optimal an gaming experience.
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