Twitter and Social Television: Understanding this new trend

April 2018

Who has never commented about a TV show on Twitter? Who has never expressed support for a candidate of a reality show or TV program using hashtags? Learn all you need to know about this new trend called Social Television!
The term "social TV" or "social television" refers the interaction between television and social networks .
While watching a program, viewers interact on social networks, especially Twitter. They can ask questions, vote or comment about a particular topic.
  • 7.2 million users have already commented on a TV program. Most of them are aged between 15 and 34 years: this age group represents 31 % of Internet users who interact on social networks during the broadcast.
  • 52% of tablet users use their devices in front of the television at least once a week. 54% of the users interact using their PC and 45 % for smartphones.
  • In one year, the amount of tweets exchanged about TV programs grew by 270%.
  • Reality shows triggered the most interaction (48% of comments).

(Source:Médiamétrie October 2013).
Twitter is mostly used to interact in real-time with TV programs
Many uses are possible :
  • tweet and retweet in neutral way (to get the hashtag of the TV programs).
  • support a candidate of a reality show
  • advise, initiate discussions and participate .
  • TV shows have their own hashtag, usually displayed at the bottom of the screen or announced by the television host. For prime time TV shows or those with a strong audience, the the hashtag will quickly rise in the "Trending topics" of Twitter .
  • To comment about a TV show its better to use the official hashtag.
  • In October 2013, Twitter announced a partnership with U.S TV channels. The goal is to be able to switch between channels or watch a video on demand directly from the social network.

(Source : Twitter).
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