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Home automation - How to connect your home appliances to your network?

Most multimedia devices can now communicate with each other via cables or Wi-Fi. What are the benefits? How to connect your devices to your home network?
By connecting your devices and home appliances to your network, several actions are possible:

  • Share files quickly between different terminals.
  • Access the Internet from your TV set.
  • Stream a movie, music or slideshow stored on your PC or mobile.
  • Launch (wireless) print jobs from your tablet or computer.
  • Set-up a home automation box connected to various sensors.

Each terminal is equipped with one or more ports (sockets or plugs). They can accommodate cables to interconnect two compatible devices .
For example:

  • An Ethernet port allows you to connect your TV to an internet box or a printer to a router.
  • An HDMI port allows you to connect a Blu-ray player, a computer or a gaming console to an HDTV .*USB ports available on many handsets and devices (computers, external hard drives) can be used to quickly transfer files from one device to another .
  • Some devices (smartphones and tablets) are equipped with micro USB port which allows connection with various devices with a USB port: USB mouse, hard drive, keyboard, card reader, digital camera, etc...

The advantage of a wired connection are:

  • high data transfer rate.
  • limited security issues (closed network).
  • availability (less risk of interruption).

  • Most multimedia devices are equipped with Wi -Fi connectivity, which is onvenient to enjoy all of your online applications, or launch remote print jobs (e.g printer connected to the Internet via Wi- Fi).
  • If your device does not have built-in Wi -Fi, in some cases you can use a wireless key.

Bluetooth is a standard for wireless communication (radio wave) supported by many terminals, computer, mobile phone, mouse, keyboard, scanner, printer, speakers.
Bluetooth allows your to:

  • transfer files between two devices.
  • scanning or printing a document remotely.
  • connect your mobile to a wireless headset or speaker dock.

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