Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U... how to play online?

April 2018

The new generation of gaming consoles is here, namely the Playstation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Wii U. All of them share a common feature, these consoles have been optimized for online gaming. What are the criteria for an optimal gaming experience? Learn more about these new consoles.
Online gaming is one of the major features of the new consoles: The Xbox Live for the Xbox from Microsoft, the PlayStation Network for Sony's console or the Nintendo Network for the Wii , each manufacturer has its own dedicated online network.
When you buy a game for one of these consoles, you can also access its multiplayer mode. Not all games provide online modes!
  • An Internet connection is required. The console can be connected to the home network via Wi-Fi or cables.
  • Register by creating a user profile, known as "Gamertag" for Xbox Live ( Microsoft), "PSN ID" for the PlayStation Network or the "Nintendo Network ID" for the Wii U.
  • Each of these networks have their own features: creation contacts list, messaging and online chat, download of game demos, purchase of games or DLCs , movies, music ...

According consoles, network access may require a paid subscription :
  • Xbox Live: from € 7 to € 37 for a subscription to Xbox Live (1-13 months). The subscription is valid on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • PlayStation Network: Free on PS3, PSN Network requires a paid subscription on the PS4. Rates: € 7 to € 50 for periods of one to 12 months.
  • Nintendo Network: free and accessible to owners Wii U, Wii, 3DS and DS.
  • Depending on the games, networks also offer access to DLCs (extra levels, new episodes, bonus , equipment pack ... ).
  • The subscriptions to XBox Live will be the same as for the XBox 360. Note that: "Microsoft Points" will no longer be available.
  • Videos can now be shared during the game via the Twitch application. Players are rated based on a reputation system .
  • In-game commumication can be achieved via Skype.
  • Access to the PSN will require a paid subscription. You current progress can be directly shared on social networks via a "Share" button on the joystick .
  • In-game communication can be achieved through voice chat (open to a maximum of 8 players).
  • The PS4 Link application allows you to use your PS Vita and Android/iOS devices as secondary screen (for certain games).

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