7 reasons for choosing a phablet over a smartphone or tablet

7 reasons for choosing a phablet over a smartphone or tablet

Phablets combine all the best of smartphones and tablets:

A large screen

With their large screens (between 5 and 7 inches) the phablets provide optimal visual comfort, without being too bulky. They are particularly suitable to:
  • Play games and run other interactive apps (GPS, Social networks...)
  • Browse the internet.
  • Use full-screen apps.


  • Phablets offer more autonomy than smartphones (a larger battery). A significant advantage for users who travel often.

A large storage capacity

  • With an internal memory of up to 32GB, the phablets have storage capacities matching those of tablets.

The stylus: a precision tool

  • The stylus is a special accessory available on most phablets. It allows you to manage applications and surf the web (with precision). Very useful tool for people who want to take notes or make photo editing from their phone .

=Processing power==
Phablets are normally equipped with powerful processors, giving you the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously (multi-tasking).

Camera and image resolution

  • Like all mobile devices, phablets integrates digital cameras, allowing your to take pictures or communicate via video calls.

An enriched user experience

  • By combining the strengths of smartphones and tablets, the phablet offers an enriched user experience via dedicated apps.

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