How To Enable Gmail Offline Mode

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Activating Gmail's offline mode will allow you to view and compose emails when you don't have access to an Internet connection.

N.B. Offline mode is only available if you are using the Google Chrome browser and have downloaded the Gmail Offline beta app.

How To Activate Gmail Offline

To get started, open Google Chrome, go to the Chrome Web Store, and search Gmail Offline:

Select Add to Chrome in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. In the next window, select Add app to complete the set up:

You will then be redirected toward your personal Google apps page, where you will find Gmail Offline. Click the Gmail Offline icon to continue the configuration.

On the next page, select Allow offline mail > Continue to complete the installation and access the app:

How To Launch Gmail Offline

To use Gmail Offline, open Google Chrome and select Apps > Gmail Offline:

With Gmail Offline, email synchronization is automatically achieved when your device is connected to the Internet. The application automatically downloads and saves your received emails for offline viewing. You can also compose emails offline to be sent when an Internet connection becomes available.

Image: © Google.
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