Create and manage your wishlist on the internet

Several websites and practical apps exist to manage your wishlists for special events (Christmas, birthdays..etc). They allow you to effectively organize and prepare your budget.

  • Choose the right website depending on the event (wedding lists, baby gift lists, Christmas gift lists).
  • Create an account and list the people involved.
  • Each of the users can indicate which items they will be buying, thus avoiding any duplicate purchases and disappointment!
  • Some website are dedicated to the organization of events.They offers all the tools to a manage the event from A-Z.

  • Some iPhone applications allows you to manage your gift lists .
    • Pros: easily manage your budget, invite your contacts to share the app .
    • Cons: your contacts must be equipped with an iOS device (iPhone or smartphone) to share the app .
  • Choose apps that can both be used to create wishlist and organize events: decorations ideas, recipes, to-do lists...
  • The apps must give you the ability to create multiple lists and share them with your contacts.

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