Virtual and Online Gift Ideas

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The beauty of giving an online gift is that you give the recipient the power to choose his or her own gift. Whether it's a voucher or gift card, a magazine subscription, or an ebook, virtual and online gifts are wonderful solutions for thoughtful last-minute gifts. Here's a run down of our favorite options


Virtual and Online Gift Ideas

Vouchers and Online Gift Cards

Vouchers or gift cards: Most of the major online retail websites offer this type of service. Specialized websites also provide vouchers or gift cards valid for several brands or range of products.

The procedure is simple: Set the amount, confirm the order and send the gift certificate to the designated person.


For Readers

If there's an avid reader in your life, they may love a subscription to a journal or magazine. Subscriptions are offered in both print and online form, and give the subscriber access to special features that may not be available to the general public. Today's biggest names in news media offer subscriptions to online publications, making it an easy and portable gift for readers.

For Media Fans

Despite their ubiquity, DVDs and CDs may still run you a pretty penny. Fortunately, the internet is full of sites that are dedicated to streaming media content at a reasonable price. Media lovers may love a subscription to Netflix or Spotify.

Subscriptions for Gamers

Video games portals and MMOs offer both monthly and yearly subscription that allow users to enjoy site content without any restrictions.

Mobile Apps and E-Books

Mobile applications and e-books enrich the smartphone and tablet experience. A gift certificate to any app store allows users to personally select their entertainment and download it right to their device. You can even send these certificates right to their inbox!
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