How to organize your group gifts?

How to organize your group gifts?

How to organize and manage group gifts without having to face unexpected situations? Here's how to get started:

Why opting for a group gift?

Getting together with family or friends and organizing a group gift is a good way to expend minimal money while offering an expensive gift. The more people involved, the greater the possibilities.

How to organize such event?

Among the popular services on the internet: or
The procedure is generally the same everywhere:

  • An organizer creates the project, set a amount to be achieved and the deadline for donation.
  • Send email to people and invite them to participate (donations can be made using a credit card).
  • At the end of the event, the money is credited to the organizer's bank account.

What are the benefits of group gifts?

  • The deadline for completion of the project is clearly defined. After this delay, donations are no longer accepted. This is a good way to engage people to participate in time and avoid delays.
  • Rapid organization: Complex events can be organized in a few clicks and managed via a single interface.
  • Overcome geographical barriers: People from different part of the world can participate.

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