Synchronize your music library across multiple devices

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Synchronize your music library across multiple devices

Tablets, laptops, smartphones, MP3 players: you can now access your favorite songs from anywhere. But how to synchronize your music library across multiple devices? What hardware or software are required? Here's how to get started!

Sync via USB cable

You can use a USB cable to connect your PC to your portable devices and then transfer the music from one medium to another. Once connection is established, the mobile device is detected by the computer and its contents are displayed in a window. Softwares like RealPlayer, iTunes or Media Player provides options to easily sync your content.

Cloud computing

An online space for sharing and storing data. Once connected to your personal cloud, you can access your music files stored online, from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Napster - A dedicated online service

Napster is an online music streaming service (also available as a mobile app). With Napster, it is possible to synchronize your playlists accross devices and enjoy your favorite music from a library of over 20 million songs. How to take advantage of these services


To subscribe to Napster:
  • 1 - Go to and sign up for free 30 day trial.
  • 2 - Some mobile operators include a free access to Napster bundled with 4G data plans. Registration is done via SMS.
  • 3 - Download the app on your smartphone (free 7 day trial).

How does it work?

Connect to Napster can create your own playlists from the music library and listen to them from any support.