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How to read .BUP files?

How to read .BUP files?

The BUP Format

A BUP file is a file from a DVD movie. A DVD movie may contain data for the DVD players and additional data that can be read on a computer. DVD movies have a hierarchical organization of directories, containing video and audio data. It is usually based on the following structure:
Structure d\

The main directory named VIDEO_TS ( Video Title Sets) contains the video files. The AUDIO_TS folder is required by some DVD players. Cover_P contains the cover images of DVD. The DVD may contain additional directories, containing data that can be read on a PC.
A number of elements are present in the VIDEO_TS directory:
  • Video manager (VMG). The VMG generally contains introductory videos and the menu giving access to other video tracks (including sub - menus).
  • One or more video title sets, containing the video titles.

The "Video Title " correspond to films, videos or albums. A title is composed of a "set of video objects" ( VOBs - Video Object Block Sets), each comprising of:
  • A "control file" (called VTSI - Video Title Set Information) containing navigation data .
  • One or more video objects (VOB - Video Object Block ). The basic element of the DVD is the video object (VOB). It contains video, audio and multiplexed images, stored in the in MPEG2 format. Thus, a .VOB file can be read by most video player software, by changing its extension to .MPG.
  • A copy of the VTSI ( VTSI Backup).

A DVD can hold up to 99 titles (VTS), each divided to 10 chapters.
The VIDEO_TS folder usually contains three types of files, with the following extensions:
  • IFO containing navigation information.
  • VOB (Video Object Block) containing the video stream, the audio channels and subtitles of a video title .
  • BUP (BUP - Backup file) containing a backup of IFO files.

The file named as VIDEO_TS.IFO (IFO - information) contains the necessary information for the DVD player to display the main menu. It is accompanied by VIDEO_TS.VOB file containing the introduction animation, as well as a backup file (named as VIDEO_TS.BUP).

How to read a BUP file?

Simply use a video player such as: VLC
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