Windows 7 - The main keyboard shortcuts

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Windows 7: the main keyboard shortcuts

The main shortcut keys using the Windows key.

Windows key + : gives you a magnifying option. The pressing (+) consecutively increase the current page, the minus key (-) decreases.
  • Windows key + up and down :increases and decreases size the current page.
  • Windows key + left/right :moves the page from left to right.
  • Windows + E :opens the menu: Computer (formerly My Computer).
  • Windows + P :opens a window that allows you to choose which screen to use the PC.
  • Windows + Spacebar: to view the desktop if a page is opened.
  • Windows + 1 :opens Internet Explorer.
  • Windows + 2 :Library opens.
  • Windows + 3 :open Windows Media Player.
  • Windows + U :Opens Option Ergonomics.
  • Windows + R :opens Run.
  • Windows + L: locks the computer.
  • Windows + F :Opens the Search.
  • Windows + X :Opens the Windows Mobility Center.
  • Windows + Break: Opens System General.
  • Windows + F1: opens Help and Support.
  • Windows + Home: delete all except the active window.
  • Windows + Space: all the windows become transparent, allowing to see the desktop.
  • Windows + Q: adjusts the properties of the screen.
  • Windows + G: displays gadgets.
  • Windows + E: pre-visualizes the first active application of the taskbar. Using this combination again brings you to the next active application on the taskbar.
  • Windows + Shift + T: pre-visualize the last active application from the taskbar. Using this combination again brings you back on the taskbar

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