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Instagram : How to print your photos?

Instagram the popular social network dedicated to image sharing, can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet or via a dedicated application. It possesses several unique features:
  • Photos are automatically resized
  • Proposes several filters to enhance your photos
  • Easy sharing of photos and videos on social networks

As for a traditional digital photography, several options are available for printing images from your Instagram account. Some websites will stick to the square format common to the social network and opt for a polaroid rendering style. Other sites offer more traditional options: printing on matte or glossy photo paper.
Stickers, cell phone cases, t-shirts or even cushions can be used to display your memories shared on Instagram.
  • Casetagram.com allows you to create custom mobile phone shells.
  • Imagesnap.com specializes in the creation of custom-printed ceramic
  • photobox.fr gives you the ability to create custom stickers, magnets or mugs from your Instagram photos.
  • Some websites ( Instapix.fr , Printklub.com ... ), allows a direct connection to your Instagram account, to facilitate the transfer of photos.
  • Ink361 allows you to view, share and print Instagram photos directly from your web browser.

Several apps dedicated to the Instagram photos exist for smartphones and tablet. Printstagram (iOS ) and Polagram (iOS and Android) allow you to select and print your Instagram photos from your phone.
Scheduled for the beginning of 2014, the Socialmatic is digital camera born out of a partnership between Polaroid and Instagram. With a vintage look and a design inspired from the logo of social network, this digital camera will combine the features of two brands.

Photo: © Freesurf - Fotolia.com

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