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(MRU) Most Recently Used - Definition and Tips

Most Recently Used (MRU) is a data based feature under Microsoft which detects in cached the most recently used items. In other terms, it means that same refer to a list of programs, files and documents that has been recently accessed. This feature is suitable in the sense that users can quickly access their most recently used files quickly. However the awkwardness of this feature that your confidentiality is not considered within this. This can become problematic especially for shared computers. MRU allows other users to depict the documents you have accessed and this can be vulnerable in terms of pivacy violation

Most obviously, there exist programs and tools to deactivate or delete this device.


Manual Method

This may takes a long time but,it actually works, but don't forget to make a backup of the registry beforehand.
  • Right click on on the Windows Start button/Properties/Start Menu tab/Customize/Advanced tab/uncheck the List My Most Recently Opened Documents box.
  • Open each Office application one after the other,click Tools/Options/General/uncheck the Recently Used File List box. Repeat the process.

Start/Run./ type "regedit/OK

Expand and search for the Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies.
You should find a key key Comdlg32 or create it if it doestnot exist
  • Right-click nofilemru or create it and change it's value to "1."
  • Go to Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion. Expand Map Network Drive MRU. Select the value under each drive mapping. Press the delete key to erase them.

Using a software

Fortunately, there are free tools to clear out these critical data on demand
CCleaner or disable such listing mechanism, in whole or in part (MRU Blaster, Tweak UI).

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