Blue Screen - HP Pavilion 15/17, Pavilion Sleekbook and Probook

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This tip applies to the following laptop models:
-HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15 b044
-HP Pavilion 15 e032
-HP Pavilion 15 e033
-HP Pavilion 15 e024
-HP Pavilion 17 e020
-HP ProBook 450
( ... not an exhaustive list ) .


If you are using the new generation of HP (2012-2013, running Windows 8 and powered by Intel Pentium processor/Intel HD Graphics GPU ) laptops, then you might have experience one or more of these problems:
  • Freeze upon the appearance of HP logo.
  • BSOD with the following error code: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT .
  • Freeze upon shutdown (black screen, but the LEDs are still active).

This problem is due to a conflict between Windows power settings and Intel power settings.
  • It occurs when the PC is set to high energy performance and Intel power settings are set to maximum autonomy (on battery mode).


  • To solve the issue follow the below procedure:
  • Right-click on an empty area of your desktop > Graphics Properties.
  • Go to the Power tab.
  • Next to Power Source select "On Battery"
  • In the Power Plans section select "Balanced".
  • Save your settings,
  • Once done click on the icon representing the battery at the bottom right of the taskbar, and then click HP Recommended .
  • Once these modifications made, your PC will no longer encounter these problems.

Why does my PC crash when you make use of Intel settings?

  • This is due to a conflict between the Windows power settings and Intel power settings , resulting in an underpowered processor (causing Windows to become unstable and crash).

Thanks to itachi95 for this tip
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