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Free and open source softwares for professionals

Project management, drawing, image editing, collaborative tools, web design, what are the free and open source alternatives to the popular commercial software?
  • Alternatives to Microsoft Project and VisualProjet:

This software allows you to control several critical aspects relating to project management: human resource management, task management, financial analysis, etc. .
  • Multiplatform and free, it also allows you to create Gantt charts and provides limited compatibility with Microsoft Project (import/export projects).
  • Download GanttProject.
  • Windows, Linux and MacOS compatibility.
  • LibrePlan is a free project management (web)application.
  • It allows you to plan and track projects (human and material resources), define activities, estimate the working time, track costs (categories, expenses, timesheets), make Gantt charts and generate custom reports .
  • Libreplan:http://www.libreplan.com/

Free alternatives exist for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications:
This is the vector drawing module from LibreOffice office suite. It is a partial alternative for proprietary softwares such as CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Key features include: handling simple graphic shapes (geometric figures), the use of layers and objects, compatibility with the common image formats ( png, jpeg, tiff, etc.).
  • Download LibreOffice
  • Compatibility: Windows XP , Mac and Linux.

LibreCAD is an alternative to proprietary CAD software such as Autocad.
  • This Open Source 2D modeling tool can be used to produce technical drawings, construction documentation and technical drawings. It is based on an intuitive interface and layers to make quick corrections projects.
  • Windows, Mac and Linux compatibility.
  • Download LibreCAD

Gimp is free and open source alternative to Adobe Photoshop.
  • It includes tools for image editing and freehand drawing (pencil, brush, airbrush, cloning tool).
  • It offers various selection tools: rectangle, ellipse, freehand, color ....etc
  • It is also compatible with the popular image formats (GIF, JPEG , PNG, XPM , TIFF , TGA , MPEG, PS , PDF , PCX , BMP , etc.).
  • The functionality of GIMP can be extended through plugins.
  • Windows , Mac and Linux compatibility.
  • Download Gimp
  • Blender is a 3D modeling, animation and rendering software intended for professionals.
  • Compatibility: Windows ( XP, Vista, 7 and 8), Mac and Linux
  • Download Blender
  • Free and Open Source alternatives to Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes
  • Open -Xchange is an application suite accessible via a web interface that allows users to store, organize and share appointments, tasks, emails, links and documents.
  • OBM
  • Blue Mind
  • PeaZip is a free compression and archiving software (an alternative to WinRar and WinZip).
  • It can compress any type of files into different formats (Zip, 7z, TAR ... )
  • Compatibility: Windows and Linux.
  • Download PeaZip.
  • This free program that facilitates the creation of websites. It provide access to many convenient editing tools such as code completion, automatic indentation, syntax highlighting, etc. Besides HTML and CSS, it can encode in different dynamic languages (Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, JavaScript and XML).
  • Download Komodo Edit.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • BlueGriffon is a free WYSIWYG Web editor. It allows you to create webpages with minimal knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Download BlueGriffon.

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