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Kingdom Hearts - Cheat codes

Kingdom hearts 1.5 Remix is the latest episode of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. It is a compilation of the HD remakes of the first episode , the Re: Chain of memories episode (released on PlayStation 2) and the 358/2 Days episode (released on DS in the form of cutscene).

These games are full of secrets and in this article you will learn how to unlock them!

Upon completing an episode, you will unlock a corresponding theme for your Playstation 3.
In Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, there is a Reverse/Rebirth mode. This mode will be unlocked once you finish the story of Sora. There is a secret ending and secret boss in Kingdom Hearts I. To face the secret boss, you will need to win the first 3 cups from Coliseum. Once you have saved Kairi, after finishing forgotten fortress level , go to the Coliseum and talk to Philoctetes and choose the fight against the most powerful boss of the game, Sephiroth. You will have to fight alone, without the help of your companions. To unlock the secret ending of the game, you must have locked all the locks, won the last cup from the Coliseum (Hades cup), locate Ansem and 99 Dalmatians scattered in different worlds. This sequence contains revelations about the upcoming saga.
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