Jungle Heat - Cheat codes

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Jungle Heat - Cheat codes

Jungle Heat is a strategy game available on Android and iOS .
There is no legal cheats for this game, but there are tricks to help you better defend your base and attack other players more effectively. The heart of your base is the Command Center. As most strategy game some buildings can only be improved if your command center has reached a certain level. Defending the Command Center is a priority, because if it is destroyed, you lose the battle! Surround your command center with towers and traps to slow down attacks from your enemies. The walls offers a very good defense. A very effective strategy is to surround your base with walls. The mortars must also be surrounded by walls, as they are vulnerable to close combat. The storage of resources is also a key factor. You can not use more resources than you have in your reserves, even with the use of diamonds (paid - in game currency). Some improvements require a lot of resources, so be sure to build and upgrade your storage spaces.

Once your defense is set up, its time to attack!
  • Always use a wide variety of units when attacking , to be ready for all situations.
  • When you choose to attack a base in multiplayer mode, the game will automatically gives you a preview of the latter. It the mission seems too difficult, you can always switch to another one (gold required).
  • Download Jungle Heat for Android: Google Play
  • Download Jungle Heat for iOS: Appstore

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