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How To Uninstall an Application on Android

When you buy a smartphone or tablet running Android, it is usually equipped with pre-installed applications. If you don't need these apps, or any one of the apps that you have installed, and would like to uninstall them, this FAQ will walk you through the procedure.

How To Uninstall Pre-Installed Default Android Apps via Settings

The process to uninstall pre-installed default Android apps using your settings may vary slightly depending on your Android version. However, you may use the below procedure as a general guide if it does not match the exact steps required by your version.

First, go to Settings > More > Application Manager/Manager.

Select an application, and tap Uninstall next to it:

Please note that system apps cannot be uninstalled unless you have rooted your device.

How To Uninstall Apps from Android

You can delete applications from your mobile device or from a tablet.

To do so, go to Application Manager or Applications. Select the app that you would like to uninstall from the list of apps downloaded on your device. Next, tap Uninstall.

If you are unable to remove the application, this is due to the fact that it is a system application. This type of application cannot be deleted without, first, jailbreaking your device.

How To Uninstall Android Apps via Google Play Store

You can also uninstall applications from the Google Play Store app. Open the Google Play Store, tap the Menu button > My Apps:

Choose your application, and select Uninstall:

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