Virtual dressing rooms - A new way to shop online!

Virtual dressing rooms - A new way to shop online!

The morphological characteristics of the fashion models on websites or catalogs are not always very realistic, making it quite difficult for many people to buy clothes online. But nowadays, online shopping is made easy, thanks to virtual models and dressing rooms.

The virtual models

  • La Redoute was among the first e-commerce websites to innovate in this area by proposing a virtual model to its clients.
  • Currently, La Redoute allows you to choose between between two sizes (38 and 46) and 4 different heads. Although the choice of models is limited, this application allows you to build a wardrobe, from the comfort of your home.

The virtual dressing apps

  • The app provdide more customization options: waist, chest, hips and arms ...
  • Each user can create its own custom virtual model.
  • already includes clothes and accessories from popular brands (MEXX , Adidas, Hugo Boss ...more to come).
  • Discover:

The virtual dressing rooms

  • Cisco has developed a Virtual Fashion Mirror, named Cisco Style which basically is an interactive mirror allowing client(s) of some stores to virtually try clothes.
  • Based on the same principle, the Innovation Centre of contactless technologies (CITC )- EuraRFID is developing a new virtual solution to try clothes.
  • These virtual solutions are still in their infancy and are still dedicated to high-end brands, but they will soon revolutionize the fashion trade .

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