Add Contacts to the Windows 8 People App

The People app on Windows 8 doubles as an address book and a social app (connected to platforms such as Facebook, Microsoft Live, and Skype). It allows users to manage contacts, view news on social networks, and interact with Skype contacts from a single interface. This tutorial explains how to add contacts to the People app. Open the People app and right-click on interface to display additional options:

Click on New Contact. A New Contact form will appear:

Once you have filled in the required fields, click Save the Contact. A summary of the information entered will be displayed. Click on the back button to return to your contact list. Launch the People app, and press Windows + [C] to display the Charms bar. Then click on Settings > Accounts > Add account:

A list of compatible services will be displayed:

From here, you can connect to the account of your choice and import your contacts.

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