How to optimize Windows 8?

You can optimize Windows 8 by making the following modifications:
Animations and effects present on Windows 8 can slow down the computer (slow configuration). To disable these options:

  • Go to the "Control Panel" > "Ease of Access" > "Make the computer easier to see".
  • Check "Make items on the screen easier to read" and animations will be disabled.

Your computer will be more responsive an the autonomy will be slightly increased.

  • Windows 8 apps take time before launching. To optimize the launch of apps:
  • Press the "Windows + R" keys , type "regedit" and click OK.
  • Got to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer".
  • Click on "New" > "key".
  • Rename the key as "Serialize".
  • Select the "Serialize" key.
  • Select the "New" > "32-bit DWORD value" .
  • Rename it as "StartupDelayInMSec" and set its value to 0 .
  • Close the registry and restart your computer.

  • You can also optimize storage space using a software like CCleaner or the system tools.
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