How To Block Calls on an Android Phone

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Android lets you block unwanted calls and texts from any phone number that you list. These tips will work for any Android mobile phone, including but not limited to the Galaxy S6, the Moto G, and the Sony Xperia. First, head to your contacts and view the contact card of the phone number that you want to block. Press the Menu button on your smartphone, and check the All calls to voicemail option. Doing so forwards all calls from this contact directly to your voicemail.

If you want to block several numbers, you can create a contact for each number and then block it, or simply create a contact blacklist containing all of the unwanted numbers.

If your smartphone has a built-in call blocking feature, all you need to do it enable the option in your Settings.

The Google Play Store also contains many applications that allow you to set a list of blacklisted phone numbers. For example, the security application Avast Mobile Security has this feature and also allows users to select the time of day or day of the week during which the block is effective.

For more information on the topic, see our FAQs on how to block incoming calls on Android phones with Call Blocker and how to block calls and SMS from hidden numbers.
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