AirPrint for legacy printers

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AirPrint for legacy printers

Since iOS 4.2, the iPhone and iPad offer the AirPrint function. AirPrint is compatible only with newer printers models, but still you can retrofit conventional printers with AirPrint using the AirPrint Activator.

What is AirPrint?

  • AirPrint is a technology developed by Apple. It provide an interface that enables communication between Apple devices and printers. Print jobs can be sent quickly and easily over Wi-Fi to compatible printers.

Supported Printers

Retrofitting a Windows printer with AirPrint

  • Thanks to HandPrint for MacOSX (previously known as AirPrint Activator), a standard Windows printer can be retrofitted with the AirPrint function.
  • HandPrint (can be downloaded for free, on this link

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