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Add Applications and Manage Tabs on a Facebook Page

If you're running a Facebook Page for your business or blog, you know that creating interesting content is one of the fundamentals of an engaging page. This article will teach you how to add new applications to your Page as well as how to manage your tabs so that you can be sure that your Page represents your brand exactly the way you want.

Here's how to get started.

Add Applications to Facebook Page

Applications can be used to enrich a Facebook Page and improve interaction with a community of users. Some of the primary benefits of using these apps include recruiting new prospects or fans, building consumer loyalty, and branding. Most applications are allowed to undergo a certain amount of customization in order to enhance a Page's animation, visibility, and communication.

To install a new application, use the search bar to locate the app. If you don't see the app that you're looking for, you can add a custom app or tab.

Once you've located the application, select either Use App or Get [App name] Now. If an option isn't shown, then it means that the application isn't available to be added.

Follow the on-screen instructions to finish adding the app to your page. Once installed, it will appear on the left side of your profile page.

Delete an Application from a Facebook Page

To remove an application from your page, click Settings > Apps.

Find the app that you'd like to remove, and click the x button shown next to it. Then, click Yes to finalize your settings.

Useful Facebook Page Apps for Your Business

If you're having trouble narrowing down your Page options, here's a quick list of some of the top business-facing apps offered by Facebook.

Contact Forms

The Contact Form app is a great way to facilitate communication between you and your fans. The form is customizable, with options for you to add different phone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information. When fans leave you a message, the email is sent directly to the address you've provided.

Pageyourself is another great application for facilitating communication between you and your fans.

Polls and Surveys

If you'd like to create engaging content, you might try adding a Poll to your page. Developed as an alternative to the Survey tool, this application allows you to create various polls and keeps running statistics according to customer response rate.


If you create newsletters, MailChimp is a great tool for collecting the email addresses of new subscribers.

Events and Promotion

The Facebook EventBistro application is an extension of the Eventbrite online service. More than just a promotional tool for your events, EventBistro enables integration of a free ticketing management system.

If you'd like to organize a contest, there are several applications that can help you to run games or contests on your Page. Social Shaker offers a variety of free games for Pages that have less than 1,000 fans. Some of these games include photo and video contests, personality tests, and visual quizzes. Social Shaker can hep you to distribute promo codes or coupons to your fans.


The Jobcast application allows you to publish job vacancies and information on your Page. Interested applicants may submit their applications directly via a dedicated form.

Organize Your Facebook Tabs

The tabs shown on your Page's toolbar are the equivalent of a webpage menu. Facebook allows you to display four tabs on the cover of your page, so choosing the right combination of tabs to show off is very important for your brand positioning.

To change the order of the tabs, hover over the tab of your choice and click the pencil icon.

Next, click Change position with > Target to swap the tab's current position.

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