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The new domain extensions

Deployed since 2013, new domain extensions offer new possibilities for businesses willing to enhance their visibility on the web. How to pre-register or register for the new domain names? What are the new extensions available? Here's all you need to know about the new domain extensions.
ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number ), the body responsible for assigning domain names on the internet has launched a domain name expansion program (at a global level) in 2007. By the second half of 2013 there where hundreds of new TLDs (Top Level Domain) which were approved by ICANN, while other proposals were still under evaluation. These new extensions or TLDs, correspond to generic names, brands or regions. Examples of new domain name extensions : .bar , .music , .web, .food, .paris, .restaurant. . . . . .
Businesses and website publishers therefore have the opportunity to register or pre-register (if the extension is not available yet ) their website using one of the new extensions.
  • Open extensions: extensions in non-Latin characters, geographical extensions connected to a village, town or region, extensions based on generic terms that indicate the specialization of a website (.hotel, .radio, .music).
  • Extensions reserved for a specific target (.bank).
  • Closed extensions for companies willing to use their name as extension.
  • The new domains extensions will provide better visibility on the Internet (better positioning on search engines) and make websites easier to be identified by users.
  • Professionals and companies from all sectors (entrepreneurs, SME ), can now acquire a domain extensions relating to their sector of activity (travel, trade, transport, services , health, gastronomy, tourism, sports and leisure).

You can register or pre-register for the new domain extensions on one of the popular domain registrars:
.bank .bio .boutique .coupon .deal .expert .design .discount .fashion .free .hotel .immo .luxe .photo .promo .pub .sarl .services .shop .shopping .store .taxi .tickets.
.art .auto .book .car .cool .design .football .music. photos .photography .rugby .sport.
.bar .bio .cafe .eat .coffee .cooking .food .menu .organic .pub .pizza .restaurant .wine.
.africa .alsace .bzh .city .guide .paris .tour .voyage .world
.app .blog .chat .contact .cloud .dev .email .forum .help .mail .mobile .network .news .online .page .site .tech .web. website

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