The Mail app for Window 8.1 - Some useful keyboard shortcuts

Here is a list of useful keyboard shortcuts for the Windows 8 Mail app:
  • Move message to a another folder: Ctrl+M
  • Mark or unmark message as junk: Ctrl+J
  • Display all unread messages: Ctrl+Shift+U
  • Show all messages: Ctrl+Shift+A
  • Mark message as unread: Ctrl+U
  • Mark message as read: Ctrl+Q
  • Reply to message: Ctrl+R
  • Reply all: Ctrl+Shift+R
  • Forward current message: Ctrl+F
  • Open the invitation in Calendar: Alt+V
  • Send mail: Alt+S
  • Open message in a new window: Ctrl+O
  • Insert attachment: Alt+I
  • Open the Sweep option: Ctrl+Shift+S
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