Gentoo Linux - Viewing and Managing Runlevels

[Gentoo Linux] Viewing and Managing Runlevels

A small way to manage the init scripts and runlevels under Gentoo.
The Gentoo Linux distribution consists of 4 main levels of runlevels:
  • boot
  • default
  • nonetwork
  • single

To handle, it is recommended to use the command /sbin/rc-update.
  • Adding a service at startup

#rc-update add script <runlevels>

#rc-update -a script <runlevels>
    • Example

# rc-update add MySQL default 
  • Deleting a service at startup

#rc-update del script <runlevels>

#rc-update -d script <runlevels>
    • Example

# rc-update del MySQL default
  • Display service at startup

#rc-update show

#rc-update -s
  • Display the status of services at Startup

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