Windows 8.1 - Display apps side by side

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Windows 8.1 - Display app windows side by side

When using a computer, most of the us tend to perform multiple task at the same time (multitasking). As such it may be required to have two app windows running side by side.
Here's a small trick to easily view two apps windows side by side or one on the top of another, under Windows 8.

Desktop mode:

Right-click on an empty area of your taskbar and select between:
  • Show Windows side by side.
  • Show Windows stacked.

Note that: only the active apps (not the minimized ones) will be displayed.

From the StartScreen:

Method 1

  • Open an app.
  • Move the mouse cursor at the top of the screen.
  • The cursor will take the form of a small hand.
  • Click and drag the app window to the right or left corner of your screen:

Method 2

  • Open an app.
  • Move the mouse cursor at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Click on the small app icon and select between:
    • Split left
    • Split right
  • Now that your screen has been divided into 2 section, you can open either open the Desktop or another app in the free section.
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