Clover - Add tabbed browsing to Windows Explorer

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Clover - Add tabbed browsing to Windows Explorer

Change the way you use Windows Explorer with Clover!
Clover is a free extension to add tabbed browsing functionality to Windows Explorer. Once installed Clover allows you to:
  • Open multiple folders in the same window.
  • Bookmark your important folders for easy access.

Download and installation:

  • Download Clover from the official website:
    • Compatibility: Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Unzip and double-click on Clover_Setup.exe to launch the installation.
  • Clover will seamlessly integrate Windows Explorer (you don't need to restart your PC).
  • Two new items will be added to Windows Explorer:
    • A new tabs bar
    • A bookmarks bar

Some useful shortcuts

  • CTRL + T - Open a new tab
  • CTRL + W - Close active tab
  • CTRL + TAB - Switch tabs
  • CTRL + D - Add tab to Bookmarks

Managing your tabs

You can access additional options by right-clicking on a tab/tabs bar:
  • Pin tab
  • Bookmark tab or all tabs.
  • Reopen close tab.
  • Duplicate tab

Configuring advanced options

  • Click on the small wrench icon > Settings
  • From this menu, you can manage the following aspects of Clover:
    • Notifications.
    • Import/export bookmarks
    • Themes

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