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Error message- Server not found!

Error message- Server not found!

Upon connecting to the Internet, your browser displays the following error message:
Server not found
Firefox can't find the server at xxxxx.com
Here's how to solve this issue.

Check the connections

First, make sure all cables are properly connected:
  • Modem/ADSL modem.
  • Ethernet cable (if you are not using Wi-Fi).

Network connection and configuration

  • You have to check if the problem is only related to your web browser or if it is due to the network configuration.
  • Click Start > Run > type cmd
  • Enter ping www.google.com and confirm with Enter
  • If the answer looks like this, then it means that you are connected to the internet, otherwise there you will need to check your network configuration

The Firewall is blocking your connection

  • The Firewall is blocking access to the internet. Try to disable your firewall and connect to the internet again. If you are unable to disable the firewall feature or don't know how to disable it, boot your PC in Safe mode.
  • Restart the computer
  • Repeatedly press the "F8 " key to display the "Advanced startup" menu.
  • Select Safe Mode.
  • Try to connect to the internet.
  • If it works, then your problem may be due to a misconfigured firewall or malicious software blocking the access to the internet.

Clear the Web browser cache

How to solve configuration issues?

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click Tools > Internet Options > General tab.
    • First make sure that the Start Page is blank.
    • Clear your Browsing data by clicking on the Delete button (Browsing history section)>
  • Move to the Security tab.
    • For each of the available options (Internet, Local internet, Trusted sites, Restricted sites), click on "Default level".
  • Move to the "Privacy" tab
    • Click on the "Default" button.
  • Move to the Connections tab
    • Click on the LAN settings.
    • Check "Automatically detect settings".
    • Uncheck "Use a proxy server for your LAN...."
  • Advanced tab.
  • "Restore advanced settings" .

In the worse cases, you can try to reset your browser to default settings.

DNS resolution issues

DNS (Domain Name Server) servers allow for transcription between an IP address and a domain name. DNS resolution issues:
  • Your browser won't display webpages.
  • Mail software (Outlook, Thunderbird) can't be used
  • Peer to peer software are still functional (they generally work using the IP address of their servers).

To diagnose this DNS resolution problem , use the ping command:
  • E.g Ping a server using its IP address (Google): ping
    • If you get a message like: " Response ...", it means you are connected to the server.
  • Now ping the same server using the URL: ping www.google.com
    • If you get a message like: " host not found", then you have a DNS resolution problem. .

  • Start > Network Connections > Show all connections.
  • Go to "Local Area Connection" (or Wireless Network).
  • Right-click > "Properties".
  • You will find a line "Internet Protocol TCP/IP".
  • Click on Properties.
  • Check "Use the following DNS servers".
  • Specify the DNS servers of your ISP.

Reset your Modem

You can always try to reset your modem.
    • Press and hold the reset button for a couple of seconds.
    • Some modems don't have a reset button. Simply remove the power cord and connect it again to reboot the modem.

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