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All you need to know about the PlayStation 3 Fat!


Playstation 3 Fat, is the first of three known model

Playstation 3 Fat (2007)Playstation 3 Slim (2010)Playstation 3 Ultra Slim (2012)

The new generations of PS3 are slightly more powerful and more compact than the original one, but it should be noted that only the Playstation 3 Fat is compatible with Playstation 2 games.

The Playstation 3 Fat models released in 2008 and 2010 are equipped with 4 USB ports (instead of 2) and a memory card reader (CF, SD/MiniSD, Pro).


Processor: CELL
  • (7 SPU)

Graphics card: RSX NV40 (Nvidia/Sony)
  • Pixel Shader - 24 units
  • Vertex Shader - 8 units
  • 550 Mhz

Memory: 512 Mb
  • (GDDR3 RSX -256 Mb )
  • (XDR DRAM -256 Mb ).

Hard Drive:
  • Sata 2,5'
  • 20, 40, 60, 80, 120, 160, 250, 320 ou 500 Go

  • Compact Disc (CD)
  • Digital Versatile Disc (DVD)
  • Blu-Ray (BD)
  • Optical drive (SA-CD)
  • CD-ROM PlayStation (game)
  • DVD-ROM PlayStation 2 (game)

Audio and Video Outputs::
  • SCART - Analog (Video & Sound ) (0.192 Mbps)
  • Optical fiber - Audio only (1.5 Mbps)
  • HDMI - High Definition (Video & Sound) (5 Mbps)

The console

  • Basically, equipment from the "Sony" brand (TV, USB keys, keyboards) .. seems to work better with the console.
  • Supported file system (USB): FAT32
  • When you play games that require a lot of resources (graphics, memory and processing power) the console tends to heat up very rapidly. Hardcore gamers should opt for a dedicated cooling kit (2 or 3 fans), to prevent their console from overheating (damaging internal components in the process)
  • DIY fan for a PS3;
    • You need a PC fan, male USB cables, 2 fan grills and insulating tape.
    • Strip and connect the 2 red cables together.
    • Repeat the operation for the black cables.
    • The other cables (DATA), you don't need to connect them.
    • Place your new cooling system on right side of the console.
  • When you play online and make new friends, they will be listed in "Friends > Players Met" menu.
    • This list can hold up to 50 names. As from the 50th player, each time you meet a new player, the list will be refreshed (the first name will be removed).
    • You can add players to your friends list, visit their profiles and compare your trophies.

Configure the video output

Switching from HDMI <-> SCART AV
  • Turn off the console
  • Press and hold the power button
  • You will hear one beep.
  • Keep holding the power button for 5 mpore seconds.
  • You will hear a confirmation beep and the image appears.

The PlayStation Controller (Gamepad)

The PlayStation Controller connects to the console via a USB 2.0 (Micro B) cable.
  • To initialize a new controller, you must first connect the latter to the console via the provided USB cable.
  • To avoid damaging the battery of your controllers, it is essential to use a Playstation 3 certified cable (which distributes exact amperage and voltage).
  • The controller has a range of more than 50 meters (Bluetooth: 2.0 EDR )!
  • The first controller (1) takes priority over any other.

All PS3 controllers are equipped with "Sixaxis" technology, but not of them include the "DualShock" function (Look for the DualShock3 label on the controller).
  • Sixaxis Technology - motion recognition
  • DualShock - Vibration

The games

In some cases, when buying a pre-owned PS3 game, you won't have access to online features (the code has already been used with another PSN account).
When you start a game and that new updates are available for the latter, you will be prompted to download the updates before being able to launch play the game.
The download can sometimes take several hours ...
To avoid this, simply turn off the Wi-Fi of your PS3 before launching your games.


Add new functionatilies or optimize the use of the PS3 through dedicated accessories:


The "EyeToy" camera connects to the PS3 via a USB and can be used with a dedicated software available for free download on the Playstation Store.
  • Blue LED - Console is ON and the EyeToy is connected.
  • Orange LED (left) - Eye software is launched.
  • From there a window opens, you can take photos or record videos
  • Photos and videos are stored on your PSN account. You can copy them to a USB key and transfer them to your PC.
  • The EyeToy also allows you to make Video Voice Conference with up to 6 people simultaneously.

Wireless keyboard

This mini Bluetooth keyboard fits on the controller:

Some technical terms

  • PSN - Playstation Network
  • YLoD (Yellow Light of Death) - Overheating of solder joints on the motherboard of the PS3.

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