Xubuntu: Modifying the Applications menu

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The community developed Xubuntu is a Linux distribution that is based on Ubuntu. Modifying the applications menu on Xubuntu can be a little daunting as it does not have a Menu editor.This process of modifying the applications menu has to be done manually.To make the changes, one has to go to edit text files and search for files with the extension name of .desktop. As it stands, only entries in the menu can be added. By renaming the file, one can also delete entries from the menu.

Modifying the menu

Unlike Ubuntu, Xubuntu does not have a menu editor. The only way to edit the menu is to edit the text files manually. To do this:
  • Open a terminal (do not use the file manager: Thunar) and go to /usr/share/applications

  • Type the command ls and you'll find lots of files with the extension .desktop
  • Each file corresponds to an entry in the menu which you can then edit with mousepad
    • For example: sudo mousepad gxine.desktop
  • From there, you can:
    • Add entries to the menus
    • Change software category

Delete an entry from the menu

  • Just rename the file .desktop
  • For example, to remove the OpenOffice word processor from the menu, enter:
    • mv ooo-write.desktop ooo-write.desktop.disabled

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