Chromium: Getting a secure and stable browser

April 2018

Chromium is an open source web browser.
Warning: If you have less than 2GB of ram, it is not recommended to use Chromium, as it make use of certain Windows processes to optimize the browsing speed.
Do not install toolbars, they slow down your browser ! You should also avoid installing fake "Flash Player updates" proposed by some streaming website (Install Java, Adobe Flash Player and Silverlight from the official sources).
To make an optimal use of Chromium you will need a Google Account (which will be us as your Chromium Profile).
You Google account also allows you to connect to Gmail, Youtube and other Google based services.
To clear your browsing data (history, cache, cookies) under Chromium:
  • Click on the Customize and Control Chromium button > History
  • Click on "Clear browsing data".
  • Next to "Obliterate the following items from:" select "the beginning of time".
  • Check the items you want to clean and click on "Clear browsing data".

To enable the bookmarks bar:
  • Click on the Customize and Control Chromium button > Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks bar (CTRL + Shift + B).
  • To bookmark a website, simply click on the yellow star in the upper right corner.
  • Websites added to your favorites, can also be arranged in folders.
  • Close Chromium.
  • Open Windows explorer and go to:
    • WinXP:% USERPROFILE % \Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\
    • Windows Vista, 7 & 8: %LOCALAPPDATA %\Google\Chrome \User Data\
  • Replace "% USERPROFILE% " with your username.
  • In the directory that opens, locate the folder named as "Default" and rename the "Backup default".
  • Then reopen Chromium . A new "Default" folder is created automatically when you open the browser.
  • Once moved file , rename the "Bookmarks " to complete the migration.Suites

==Plugins and extensions=
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