Reading SVG file !

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SVG is the acronym for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is an image platform for discribing two-dimensional graphics compatible with XML. This language allow three types of graphic object namely vector ,images and text format . SVG images are defined in xml text files which can be indexed and even compressed. SVG can support re-use of pictures or part of pictures. Also SVG can be scaled wihout considerate loss in color and image resolution. SVG is commonly used for creation of graphical web pages.

Reading SVG files using inkscape !

Inkscape has been primarily designed for linux operating systems and is one of the greatest and powerful freeware for 2d graphical editor. Inkscape is an open source 2d vector graphics editor with abilities to view SVG formats and support several SVG features. With inkscape, it is quite simple to carry out complex path operations and designing interface. Bitmap tracing is included in its features and it also allow you to convert paint into .Png and postscript.
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Xara LX

Xara LX is another powerful tool for 2D graphical application. It is a constant updating software with new features in view to enhance users application. For more information ,go to :

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Read .SVG from your browser

Note that you can use Firefox or Opera to read your .SVG files (without the possibility to zoom)

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