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Choosing the right social channel for your business!

How to choose the right social channel to develop the online presence of your business and interact with your customers? Before making a choice, it is necessary to define specific goals, identify the resources available and the characteristics of each channel.
Before selecting a social channel, you need to:
  • Define your communication/ marketing objectives: develop your brand (B2B or B2C), customer relationship, drive traffic to your website,...
  • Identify the means at your disposal : financial (for the implementation of paid campaigns) and HR. The management of social profiles requires a lot of time (moderation and statistical analysis of shared content/performance indicators).
  • Defining your target audience: age, sex, geographic region, socio-professional category, mobile users,...
  • Understand the "culture" of the social networks: you can't use the same approach for all social networks. Some require more responsiveness than other .

Based on these criterias, you can choose the social network(s) the most suited to meet your communication needs and operational constraints.
To be on the right channels, it is imperative to identify the differences between the major social networks .
The creation of a Facebook Page is relevant to local shops, businesses, organizations, institutions and brands promoting their products, as well as for website publishers.
To be effective on Facebook, you will need to establish a long term strategy. This involves the publication of quality content (photos, videos), promoting interactions with your customers through different events and recruiting new fans.
  • Facebook facilitates the sharing of content relating to a brand, business or products.
  • Facebook is open to companies from different sectors, to the extent that the field of activity of the company is sufficiently attractive and appropriate.
  • Very large community of users
  • Various animation tools (schedule publications, creation of events)
  • Paid advertising tools ( extend the scope of specific publications)
  • Support various media types: images, video and text.
  • Large community of mobile users.

  • The organic reach of publications has been declining for several years.
  • User contributions also tend to decrease -Read the study by Global Web Index - April 2014.here) .

Twitter is most suitable for a continuous use. It is intended to companies wishing to engage directly with their customers and publish daily updates (articles, product news, promotions,...).
Twitter can be used as complementary channel to build customer relationship and respond to customer issues.
  • Simple to use
  • Instantaneous and spontaneous communication with subscribers.
  • Ability to detect and respond quickly to customers problems.

  • Time consuming (you need tweet on a regualr basis).
  • Requires constant monitoring of tweets.

Google Plus integrates features native to Facebook and Twitter, and offers several tools for businesses to communicate:
  • Business Page
  • Thematic communities
  • Video conferencing tool + live streaming via a YouTube channel

Its use is particularly relevant for local businesses and web publishers.
  • Google Plus profiles are connected to Google Search and Google Maps: Creating a Page is therefore sufficient to improve visibility of your business on Google services. Local businesses have the opportunity to respond to comments and reviews left by customers. These publications are highly visible on Google, thus allowing the businesses to improve their online reputation.
  • Thematic communities are very active in some areas (photography, gastronomy,...)
  • Ability to segment its audience to send targeted messages (using circles).
  • Google Plus Page can be considered a full-fledged blog, as published texts are very well referenced .

  • Requires time and a dedicated strategy.

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