All the Live CD/DVDs - Free download

All the Live CD/DVDs - Free download

A LiveCD (or DVD) is a bootable CD that contains an operating system, that can be launched without installation (loaded on the memory of the device...). is a website listing all the available Live CDs (+300)

The Live CDs are listed in the following categories:
  • Desktops - provides a graphical desktop environment, with a collection of desktop programs (such as browsers and text editors).
  • Operating system - Run a live version of an operating system or install the latter on your HDD.
  • Education - provides a collection of educational programs.
  • Rescue - provides tools for data recovery.
  • Security - contains network security tools.
  • Home Entertainment - video and audio playback.
  • Games - Video games.
  • Medicine - contains medical programs.
  • Diagnosis - contains utilities for testing your hardware.
  • Firewall - Linux distributions fully integrating a firewall utility.

  • Servers - distributions used for various server functions.


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