View Your Facebook Timeline as Another User

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When building a social media network profile, one must keep in mind the importance of a well-presented social media page. Luckily, Facebook offers a way for people to view their profiles as another user, allowing them to make adjustments as necessary.

How To See Your Facebook Profile as Others See It

Connect to Facebook and go to Settings > Timeline and Tagging:

Next to Who can see things on my timeline?, click on View As > Public. This will give you a preview of how your page looks to all general users:

You can also view your timeline as a specific user, or as someone who has limited access your Facebook profile. This can be done by clicking on View as Specific Person, and typing in the name of that person:

From here, you can make any necessary adjustments to improve the quality of your page.

If you'd like to learn how to perform this trick on Google+, please read our how-to article here.
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