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Internet Explorer 8 is too slow

When upgrading from Internet Explorer 7 to Internet Explorer 8, due to some virus or malware the application may crash resulting in the closure of the web browser. Alternatively it might work very slowly. This may be attributed to some bad file systems or conflict of anti-spyware in the system. There are two ways of overcoming such difficulties. Either a small utility named DelDomains.inf will have to be installed in the system, or you may have to adjust the registry section. It will work with the concerned file, actxprxy.dll, and after the system is restarted, Internet Explorer may run smoothly again. One word of caution for Windows Vista users, UAC must be disabled before doing any such operation.


If you have upgraded your Internet Explorer to version 8 and a clear slowdown has been noticed when opening the browser or the browser crashes when you try opening tabs, the logical step is to scan for viruses or malwares.

Unfortunately, sometimes this doesn't work and as a result your IE8 is still too slow.

  • IE8 has its own system of protection against malicious sites. As a result, there could be conflicts when changing the host's file (with the anti-spyware installed to protect your PC).
  • Another factor is that it may be due to a badly declared File System.
  • In any case, we are still waiting for updates from Microsoft to resolve these problems.

Here is a small tip to help you manage this problem:

  • Close your browser and all applications before you proceed to the manipulation.

With Vista, disable UAC before


1st step

  • Download the file


  • Click here and select "save target as ..." and save "

    " on the desktop.

  • Right-click on DelDomains.inf and choose install.
  • Then click on "Open".

2nd step

  • Open the "Run" tab:
  • Go to "Start" then click "Run".
  • Or press "Windows" and the "R", the "Run" box will open.
  • In the input box, type this:

    and then press Enter.

  • A command prompt window (DOS) opens:


regsvr32 actxprxy.dll

and press Enter.

  • Windows opens a window (RegSvr32) - then click "OK".
  • And finally, type exit in the command prompt to exit.
  • Now restart your PC for the changes to be taken into account and re-test Internet Explorer. It should work better now.

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