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Manage the online presence of your business with Google My Business

Google My Business is a new service dedicated to small businesses and professionals. It regroups the different services and tools from Google on single platform (dashboard). What are the interests of such a tool for a company? How make an optimal use of this new platform?

Google My Business aims to facilitate access to location-based services for small and medium businesses, allowing them to enhnace their online visibilty. This tool also include the relationship with customers: See how negative reviews from customers may affect your traffic and respond to these issues.
  • Visibility in the search results
  • Visibility on Google Maps
  • Enhance communication with customers.

Google My Business has replaced Google + Local, which was initially launched in 2012. Google My Business can be accessed:
  • via a web interface (browser).
  • Dedicated Android and iOS apps.

Via single management interface (SaaS), Google My Business connects to several tools and services:
  • Google +
  • Google Places
  • Google Maps
  • Google Adwords,
  • Google Analytics
  • Youtube ...

Via this dashboard you can perform tasks such as:
  • Updating the Google + page and Google Maps (publish new content...)
  • Get in touch with tyour customers and business circles on Google +
  • Respond to reviews on Google + page
  • Access to statistical tools (Google + Insight)
  • Start Adwords campaigns

To access Google My Business, a Gmail account is required. If this Gmail address has already been used to access Google Places or Google + pages, the account will be automatically updated. Otherwise, click on "Get on Google" and create a new account for your company. The details of the company can be changed later, once the account is validated.
Click on the My Business drop down menu to access the list of available services:
  • Google + page linked to Gmail account.
  • News feeds from your social circles.
  • Contacts and circles from Google +.
  • Communities, events, hangouts and photos.
  • Business applications (Google + Insight, Youtube, Google + page, Google Places, My Business) are accessible from the "applications" menu.
  • To create a new page, go to Home tab> pages.
  • To add an existing page to the dashboard, it must be linked to the Gmail account first: Settings> Administrators> add administrators.

If you need to change the current address of your business on Google Places, you don't need to open a new page. You can do it from the My Business dashboard.
The ratings given by clients on a business, trade or business can be accessed on My Business. You can also provide answers to your customers, get their opinion and reply to comments/reviews.

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