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RCP Server not available

Remote Procedure Call, commonly known as RCP, allows a user to execute a procedure remotely on other devices such as printers connected on a shared network. Sometimes users may come across an error which mentions 'RCP server not available'. This generally happens while installing a new printer or accessing printers. The reason could be if Spools.exe or Spools.dll is missing or infected by a virus. To resolve this issue with the RCP server, one must select Remote Procedure Call from the Control Panel and choose the start up type as Automatic.

RCP stands for Remote Procedure Call. If the computer displays "Operation could not be completed. The RPC server is unavailable" while trying to access the printers installed on the computer or trying to install a new printer on the computer, the issue can be resolved.

The source of the problem comes from the Spoolss.exe and Spoolss.dll files. They might either have been infected by a virus residing in the folder %SystemRoot%System32, or the files might be missing from the same folder.
  • However, this issue can be easily solved by following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Start button and select Control Panel.
Step 2: Open the Performance and Maintenance option and browse for Administrative Tools.
Step 3: In the section labeled Services, click Remote Procedure Call Service.
Step 4: When done, select Startup. Browse for Startup Type and choose Automatic.
Step 5: Click OK to apply the changes.

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