How To Turn Off Embedding on YouTube

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Each time you upload a video to your YouTube channel, an embed code (HTML) is generated alongside it. This code allows other users to publish (embed) the video on their website or blog. The same applies to your video playlists; their embed code can easily be retrieved and used on other websites. This guide explains how to turn off embedding on your YouTube channel.

Turn Off Embedding for a YouTube Video

Sign-in to YouTube, click on your profile photo and then go to Creator Studio > Video Manager > Videos. Select the desired video and click on the Edit button. Navigate to Info and Settings > Advanced Settings > Distribution options and clear the Allow embedding checkbox:
Click on Save Changes.

Turn Off Embedding for a YouTube Video Playlist

Head back to the Video Manager section > Playlists. Click on the Edit button displayed next to the desired playlist and then select Playlist Settings:

Clear the Allow embedding checkbox and click on Save:
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