How To Reset the Samsung Galaxy Gear

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In this article, you will learn how to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Gear. A hard reset is helpful in cases that your device is unresponsive, if you don't remember your lock sequence, or if you'd simply like to restore your device to its factory default settings. Please note before proceeding that by resetting your phone, you will lose all of your personal data.

Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy Gear

Begin on your Application screen and proceed to Settings > Reset Gear > Reset.

Turn off your device by pressing the Power key until your screen displays a message that reads, Galaxy Gear rebooting.

Next, repeatedly tap on the Power key until the Select Reboot mode menu appears.

Select the Recovery option by pressing your power key from 8-9 seconds.

Your device will now reset.

Reset the Galaxy Gear Live

To reset your Galaxy Gear Live, press and hold the Power key until the devices reboots.

As soon as the Samsung Gear Live logo appears, swipe diagonally accross your screen (from top left to the bottom right corner) until the Select Reboot mode screen is displayed.

Move to Recovery, and swipe across your screen to make your selection.

Select the Wipe Data or Factory Reset option to restore your phone to its factory settings.
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