How To Merge Duplicate Contacts in Gmail

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Removing duplicate contacts in your Gmail account will make managing your messages much easier. Doing so requires only that you merge your duplicate contacts.

This FAQ will walk you through the process.

How To Remove Duplicate Contacts in Gmail

In order to get started, log in to your Gmail account and click the Gmail menu in the upper-left corner of the screen. In the dropdown menu, select Contacts:

The Google Contacts page will appear in a new window. Here, you will be able to view and manage all contacts linked to your Gmail account. To continue, locate the navigation panel on the left of your screen and click Duplicates:

If your address book contains duplicate contacts, they will appear grouped together in the next window:

To merge all records, select Merge All, located at the top of the screen. Alternatively, you can merge records individually by selecting the Merge button located under each contact grouping.

Image: © Google.