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VLC - Subtitles appear randomly

The VLC software written for video has various interfaces: a cross platform interface for Windows, a Mac OS localized interface, along with a skinable interface option for Linux and Windows. To enable subtitles, select the video menu, go to the subtitles track and select a subtitle from a given list. There may be instances where the video and subtitle files are separate, and may lead to a situation where subtitles disappear. The VLC software may have an issue regarding the use of wrong encoding sequences. This can be sorted out by selecting Advanced Open File to rectify the path of the video and the subtitles, and finally by choosing the right encoding software sequence available on the encoding and subtitles.

VLC Subtitles appear randomly

If you have a video where the subtitles are a separate file, then you may find that sometimes when playing the video, the subtitles do not appear.

It may be due to the fact that VLC is not using the right encoding sequence.
  • Firstly go to the menu and choose "Advanced open file"
  • Then choose the path to your movie and your subtitle
  • Finally, click on Advanced in the encoding and subtitles, choose your encoding sequence (for example ISO 8859-1)

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