Clonezilla - Clone your system

April 2018

Clonezilla - Clone your system

Clonezilla is a free utility allowing you to clone partitions or the entire hard drive (in its current state) of your PC. In the event of a crash, this method allows you to easily restore your system along with:
  • your custom settings
  • your files and documents
  • your installed programs.

Formats supported by Clonezilla: ext2, ext3, ext4, reiserfs, xfs, jfs for GNU/Linux, FAT, NTFS for MS Windows and HFS+ for Mac OS.

Choosing your backup medium

Of course, you need a backup medium. Avoid storing the image on the hard drive involved in the backup.
  • Opt for an external media such as a USB key, hard drive or DVDs.

Downloading and preparing Clonezilla

Some tips before cloning your system

  • Configure the entire system: user accounts, programs, drivers,...
  • Do not perform this operation if the system is unstable.
  • Make sure the system is not infected.
  • Perform a thorough cleaning of the disk or partition before cloning it.
  • Defrag your hard drive before cloning it.

Cloning a partition or the entire HDD

  • Boot from the Clonezilla Live CD.
  • Clonezilla starts and will ask you to configure some settings.
  • Choose the resolution of your screen (e.g 800x600).
  • Select the language and press ENTER.
  • Use the default keyboard encoding.
  • Select "Start Clonezilla" and press ENTER.
  • Select the disk or partition you want to clone and press ENTER.
  • Select "local_dev Mount a local device" and press ENTER.
  • Press ENTER again.
  • Wait a few seconds and select the backup medium.
  • Press ENTER.
  • Press Y to confirm and ENTER.
  • Select the backup directory and a folder will still be created at the root.
  • Press ENTER.
  • Press ENTER again.
  • Select "Novice Mode" and press ENTER.
  • If you want to back up your entire hard drive, then choose "Savedisk".
  • If you simply want to back up your system partition, then select "saveparts".
  • Press ENTER.
  • Give a name to the image file (no space between the words, use underscore "_" if needed).
  • Press ENTER.
  • Now select the partition(s) or disk(s) you want to backup. Select the line with the SPACE key and press ENTER to confirm.
  • Press ENTER again.
  • Press Y to confirm.
  • The cloning process starts:
  • Once the procedure is completed, press 1 to restart your computer and then press ENTER.
  • Eject the disc and press ENTER.

To restore your system

  • Boot from the Clonezilla Live CD.
  • Start "Clonezilla".
  • Select Device/image and press ENTER.
  • Select Local_dev and press ENTER.
  • Press ENTER again.
  • Select the media containing the image of your hard drive and press ENTER.
  • Select the "parent directory on the local device" and press ENTER.
  • Press ENTER again.
  • Select "Novice Mode" and make ENTER.
  • Select "restoredisk" or "restoreparts".
  • The name of the restore folder should appear, press ENTER.
  • Select the partition or disk where you want to paste the image and press ENTER.
  • Press Enter again.
  • Confirm with the "Y" key and press ENTER.
  • Wait for the restoration process to end and press ENTER.
  • Once the procedure is completed, press 1 to restart your computer.
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