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View or Delete Google Maps History

Google Maps keeps records of any locations that you have searched for, visited, saved, shared, or even reviewed through other Google applications. While many users find this feature helpful, other users find this feature to be intrusive or irritating. If so, there's an easy way to delete your location history on Google Maps.

Please note that Maps only saves this location data if your Web and Activity setting is turned on. This article will illustrate the process using an Android device, but the procedure also applies to iOS devices.

View Google Maps History

To view your Google Maps history, sign in to Google, and open the Google Maps app.

Select the Menu option (represented by three horizontal lines), followed by Settings > Maps history.

Delete Google Maps History

If you are using your smartphone to delete location history, each location must be deleted individually. You can delete all location history via a computer.

Sign in to your Google account, and open Google Maps. Then, head to Menu > Settings > Maps history.

Find the entry that you'd like to delete, and tap the x button shown next to it. Select the Delete option to complete the procedure:

Disable Location History

If you'd like to prevent Google from collecting information about your whereabouts, you can choose to disable your location history with a quick tweak to your settings.


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